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Ecological insulation panels, certified quality




Isolofoam Group expanded polystyrene (EPS) thermal insulation contains 98% air, is sustainable and respects the environment. EPS contains no ozone damaging HFCs or HCFCs. As well as being 100% recyclable and reusable, our panels retain their insulating properties over the years. 

Through sustained investments in research and development, our rigid insulation contributes to reducing your ecological footprint. Numerous certifications are witness to our drive to preserve both your investment and the environment. 

Looking to reduce your ecological footprint? Looking to increase the energy efficiency of your home and save money at the same time? Isolofoam Group insulation materials are the perfect solution! 

Novoclimat 2.0      ENERGY STAR     R-2000     LEED

Novoclimat 2.0 | QUEBEC

Choosing Isolofoam Group thermal insulation meets the insulation requirements of the Novoclimat 2.0 program. You’ll benefit from high energy efficiency and at least a 25% savings in heating costs. By making a wise choice in products, with the proper thickness and proper insulating value, Isolofoam Group expanded polystyrene panels will give you an energy yield and comfort you’ll appreciate for years to come!

No insulation product can be Novoclimat 2.0 certified. It can contribute to meeting the standard, however, it’s the entire construction of the house that qualifies for Novoclimat 2.0 certification. This program is for consumers looking to acquire a new highly energy efficient home. 

Need more information? Visit the Agence de l’efficacité énergétique website.


For those looking to satisfy the insulation requirements of the ENERGY STAR program for new homes, Isolofoam Group expanded polystyrene panels are perfect!

New energy-efficient homes offer 30% more energy savings than those built to the minimum standards of the Building Code. For homeowners, this signifies a substantial reduction in the cost of consuming public services. This certification can provide numerous benefits. Discover them!

An insulating material cannot be ENERGY STAR certified. They can contribute to meeting the requirements of the program, however it’s the entire construction of the house that can qualify for ENERGY STAR certification.

R-2000 | CANADA

Isolofoam Group insulating panels meet the insulation requirements of the R-2000 standard.

The goal of this standard, administered by the Natural Resources Canada Office of Energy Efficiency, is to promote the use of cost-effective energy-efficient building practices and technologies. The R-2000 Standard is an industry-endorsed technical performance standard for energy efficiency, indoor air tightness quality, and environmental responsibility in home construction.

Houses built to the R-2000 Standard typically exceed the energy performance requirements of current Canadian building codes and are recognized as meeting a high standard of environmental responsibility.


The distinctive properties of Isolofoam Group thermal insulation offer your construction project a high-performance insulation system that contributes to LEED credits. ISOCLAD is one of those products.

Consult our product technical data sheets to find out which type of insulation panel is best for your project. A tonne of information on this subject is available in our LEED General Review.

For details on a product's potential contribution or to obtain a certification of conformity, click here.


Did you know that grants could be available for your new construction or renovation projects? The amount of these grants is often more than enough to cover the cost of purchasing insulation materials. 

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