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The Isolofoam Group commitment: EPS products that respect the environment


VERSATILITY. POSITIVE environmental contribution. PERFORMANCE.

Isolofoam Group has been developing and manufacturing expanded polystyrene solutions for over 40 years. We market high-performance EPS solutions and make ongoing investments into insulation panels, packaging products and manufactured product components that respect the environment

Isolofoam Group harnesses the intrinsic qualities of expanded polystyrene, a material that contains no ozone-damaging gas. This material is recyclable, reusable and retains its physical and insulating properties over time. Among the objectives of our research and development program is the incorporation of recycled material into our products, without compromising their insulating value and energy performance.

In addition to meeting the highest insulation requirements (Novoclimat, Energy Star, etc.), the majority of Isolofoam Group insulation panels contributes toward LEED credits.

Sustainable development: A company value

For Isolofoam Group, sustainable development means more than just a social trend; it’s an integral part of what guides our day-to-day values. These values incorporate the principles of sustainable development, among others in our choice of raw materials and production equipment to protect the air quality inside the plant and the environment outside. A couple examples are the incorporation of recycled plastics into our products and the use of non-toxic glue. Equally important is energy performance, as much in the design and production of EPS solutions as in the purchase of products and equipment. To that end, we privilege ENERGY STAR certification. Isolofoam Group also has a strategy to manage residual materials, applying to both production waste and waste generated by administrative activities.

Our social commitment

Isolofoam Group’s environmental commitment also takes into account the well-being of its employees and its community. A number of company managers and employees are involved in supporting social causes that they feel strongly about, some humanitarian, others environmental.

The specialists at Isolofoam Group are equally involved in the social and economic development of the community, representing the company and contributing in various capacities in a number of local and regional associations.

Our goal is to do our part for sustainable development.

A sustainable purchasing process

Another choice supporting sustainable development is our distribution network, designed to minimize tranportation needs. Both our shop and our network of members are located in Eastern Canada. Isolofoam Group also helps stimulate the local economy by encouraging local suppliers.

To obtain the documentation necessary for a certification project, contact our experts!