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Insulated concrete forms

Insulated concrete forms

The experts at Isolofoam Group know everything there is to know about transforming expanded polystyrene. We manufacture the IntegraSpec® insulating concrete form system from Phil-Insul Corporation. This system is distributed and installed across Canada and the United States and will soon be available in Europe.

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What is the Integraspec® insulated concrete form?

IntegraSpec® is an expanded polystyrene insulated concrete form system consisting of two panels married with high impact polystyrene inserts used to hold spacers designed to secure rebar as needed.

Once the panels and spacers are stacked together, the IntegraSpec® insulated concrete form system acts as a mold ready for concrete placement, similar to a traditionally poured concrete wall. ICF expanded polystyrene forms are more efficient than traditional systems and never leave the concrete, making available a whole host of additional functions.

Why choose IntegraSpec®?

The quality and performance of IntegraSpec® products are guaranteed to give your building the finish it deserves, while adding value to any project, big or small, no matter what the industry. 

IntegraSpec ® creates efficient walls:

  • Superior energy efficiency. Significant savings in heating and air conditioning costs.
  • Excellent sound proofing.
  • Increased wall solidity.
  • Significant improvement in the air quality inside the building and added protection against storms and violent wind.

Contrary to other insulated concrete forms, the IntegraSpec® system uses independant panels, not rigid blocks. Its unique patented technology makes installing, cutting and fastening walls easier.