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High density rigid expanded polystyrene insulation panel

High density expanded polystyrene insulation panel. Excellent material for construction requiring a high compressive strength: exterior foundations, concrete slabs, terraces and parking areas, recreation centres, roadway insulation. Meets the standards of the Building Code and the highest insulation requirements. Contributes towards LEED credits. CCMC # 13638-L (XHD 300, XHD 400).

Applications types

  • Ideal for insulating concrete slabs in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. 
  • Appropriate for exterior foundations, terraces, parking areas, recreation centres and skating rinks. 
  • Excellent material for insulating roadways. 

Advantages and Benefits

  • High compressive strength. Between 140 kPa (20 psi) and 275 kPa (40 psi). Its dimensional stability absorbs the movement of buildings.
  • Stable and long term thermal efficiency even when subjected to severe freeze-thaw cycles. Substantial energy savings.
  • Excellent resistance to water, moisture and microorganisms in the soil. Retains its insulation value over time. 
  • Fast and easy installation. Lightweight and available in a variety of formats and thicknesses.
  • Respects the environment.

Residential, commercial and industrial concrete slabs 

  • High and permanent insulation value. Excellent compressive strength. Available in 20, 30 or 40 psi.

Exterior foundations

  • Ensures foundation walls are insulated from the outside in applications where heavy traffic is expected in proximity to the building.

Terraces and parking areas

  • Maintains stability under freeze-thaw conditions.

Recreation centres and skating rinks

  • Significantly reduces ice maintenance costs (production, de-icing). Maintains the required refrigeration temperature.
  • Considerably reduces energy costs. The ISOLOFOAM XHD series helps ensure a stable temperature.
  • Prevents the slab from lifting by slowing down heat loss in the granular base and the ground.

Roadway insulation

  • High-performance anti-freeze layer. For roadway and railway construction.
  • Excellent material for distributing loads from construction on unstable ground.  Ex.: under roadways and bridge access routes.
  • Ideal for distributing loads on swampy ground. High resistance to sagging and shearing. 
  • Prevents structural settlement. 
  • Meets the requirements of MTQ standard 14301, Polystyrene for roadway construction.