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ISORAD - Unidirectional


ISORAD - Unidirectional

Hydronic Radiant Floor Insulation - Wide Area

ISORAD -  Insulation panel for hydronic radiant floor heating

Rigid high density expanded polystyrene insulation panel with unidirectional raised grooves for large size tube retention and with a 4-sided interlocking system. Designed for hydronic floor heating insulation. Primarily intented for new construction of commercial, industrial or agricultural buildings when a radiant heating system embedded in concrete is installed on a wide surface.

Applications types

  • Ideal for large areas where 3/4'' or 1'' tubing is required.
  • For installation under a commercial, industrial or agricultural concrete slab.
  • Can also be used for exterior slabs/sidewalks/parking lots to accelerate melting of ice and snow during winter.
  • Warm water or glycol radiant floor system. 

Advantages and Benefits​

  • Reduces the cost of installing a hydronic floor heating system. Reduces the number of components and steps required to install the system.
  • Raised grooves facilitate the installation of large size tubes (3/4'' or 1'') for hot water or glycol heating systems. Ensures regular tubing spacing.
  • Eliminates the need for wire mesh when it is not required for slab reinforcement.
  • Interlocking system on 4 sides prevents panels from moving when installed. Continuous and uniform insulation under the slab.
  • Optimal panel dimensions to reduce handling time.
  • High compressive strength: 20 or 30 psi.
  • Stable and permanent insulation value.