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New A ton of online resources...

Isolofoam Group has reworked the way its products and services are offered online. Get updated, enriched and reorganized content and a ton of resources to acquaint you with our insulation panels and perfect your installation know-how. Also check out our all-new Insulation Blog where our experts share their 30 years of expertise with you: tricks, advice, reading references…

Everything to make planning your insulation projects easier !  
Visit the all-new 

Insulation Blog
Our goal is to offer you unparalleled support. Our specialists are sharing their years of experience with you on our all-new Insulation Blog. Get informed, add comments, ask questions!

A mobile site is now available to support your sales force without overloading your displays. No more outdated or renewable information tools!

For Everyone
A complete technical documentation together with revised and corrected illustrations and installation videos will help make planning and carrying out your projects easier. Now available online: an R and RSI value convertor and a panel calculator.

When the success of your projects depends on the quality of your suppliers, choose the industry leader: Isolofoam Group.