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Packaging and product components that respect the environment


Companies in every industry are paying more and more attention to the principles of sustained development. For example, the choice of packaging or material for manufacturing certain product components now must also take into account their environmental impact. The solution: packaging and product components by Isolofoam Group, manufacturer of reusable and recyclable expanded polystyrene and plastic film.

Isolofoam Group develops innovative and sustainable solutions. We continually invest in product and process research to help our customers reduce their ecological footprint. Our specialists know that packaging is key to the life cycle of a product. That’s why we drive for performance. By choosing our solutions, you reduce the quantity generated of damaged product and the resulting damage and substantial cost to the environment. Our packaging and components are perfectly adapted to your products and minimize the amount of material used in their production.

The specialists at Isolofoam Group leave no design detail to chance. The result: responsible and reductive packaging and product component solutions. These high-performance products also contribute to eliminating costs tied to product damage during transport, storage and handling. 

Production waste recycling program

As a preferred partner of choice, Isolofoam Group recycles the majority of the polystyrene waste produced by its production activities and reincorporates the recycled material in a number of its products. Customers can take advantage of a polystyrene recycling collection service and reduce the amount of polystyrene sent to the landfill.

Contact a specialist at Isolofoam Group to learn more about our packaging, component and customized product solutions.

Expanded polystyrene is 100% recyclable, non toxic, ecological

  • Contains 98% air. Requires no chemicals and a small amount of raw material and energy to be produced.
  • Contains no ozone damaging HFCs or HCFCs. EPS is neutral, stable and does not damage the environment.
  • Does not produce any toxic by-products in landfills. Stimulates plant growth by helping to aerate the soil.
  • Produces no toxic emissions when incinerated. Carbon dioxide, water vapour and a tiny amount of ash are let off into the environment.
  • Releases a considerable amount of heat energy when incinerated. 1 tonne of EPS is equivalent to the heat released by 1.3 tonnes of fuel oil. Can be recycled or reused for a number of applications: electricity, hot water or water vapour for heating buildings or industrial areas, etc.
  • Lightweight material and resistant to breakage. Contributes to reducing transportation fuel consumption. Less number of moves means less cost.